Your Body is a Machine…

…and like a machine, in order to perform with maximum efficiency it is necessary for all of its pieces to be in prime operating condition. This means that when you are in training for having the physical body you want to become, you are going to have to exercise your entire body, not just those parts that you are going to be using while interacting with the exercise.

Think of it this way. When you don’t exercise your muscles properly your body begins to accumulate fat; your metabolism is slowing down, and your body is incapable of processing the foods you eat in the manner that it must to keep your systems up and running. As a result of the fat accumulating in your body your organs begin to have a harder time fulfilling their function; your lungs will find it more difficult to breathe, your heart will have a harder time pumping your blood, your circulation will suffer and your extremities may not be able to receive all of the nutrient-rich oxygenated blood that they need in order to work properly. In that case, you may gain more weight or having difficulties in doing such works.

As an end result of these processes you will find that your body tires more quickly and you do not have the endurance you previously possessed. In addition, you will find that you have much less energy on the whole due to the slower rate of your metabolism, which will make accomplishing daily chores a trial. You may also find that your body’s hormone levels have changed in order to compensate for your decreased metabolism, resulting in an increased risk of depression and generalcrankiness- all because you forgot that all ofthe body’s systems work together and you chose to only exercise a specific part.

In order to prevent falling victim to this unfortunate occurrence, be sure that you have a well established workout plan that works all of your body’s systems, as well as a diet heavy in various foods and liquids that will help your body to flush out its toxins and not have to work quite so hard to keep working throughout the day. Yes, perhaps this is a case of beating a dead horse; after all, you have already seen the importance of regular exercise and a healthy diet in helping your body get into top condition; however, it is important enough that it really cannot be overemphasized.

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