Eating Unhealthy Foods can Slow you Down

Stop Eating Foods Which Claim to be Healthy but are Really Only Slowing You Down.

It is an unfortunate truth that although many foods claim to be good for you, they are not giving you all of the facts. When you are selecting the foods you want to eat be sure to read the labels; many of those that you would think would be nutritious are actually packed with empty calories. White bread is the most classic example of this; it is much less nutritious than its whole wheat counterparts, yet it claims to be a healthy part of any complete diet.

When you go grocery shopping, take the time to read the labels on the foods you buy. As was mentioned above, stay away from anything that has a high sugar and/or salt content (sugar leads to foods being highly fattening, and excessive sodium with have a negative effect on your blood pressure and your body electrolytes). Steer clear of juices, unless they are freshly squeezed; most juices possess massive quantities of sugar. Unless you drink your coffee black try to stay away from that as well; the cream and sugar you had to your coffee can add calories to your diet very quickly.

In addition to sugar and salt it is important to check the fat content on the meat you eat. Lean meats are often more expensive to purchase but are infinitely healthier for you. Stick to fresh fruits and veggies rather than their pre-packaged counterparts (again, these are high in sugar and sodium-are you beginning to notice a trend here?). The short story is that any type of preservative is going to be much worse for your body than eating the food in its natural state.